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   Red Sevens - Silver Medal  

Red Sevens Wins Silver Medal in Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit 2009 Leg 4 

The fourth leg of Malaysian Paintball Circuit 2009 was held at Xtion Paintball Park on 13-14 June 2009. It was the league which my team Red Sevens has been participating in for the past 2 over years. Since the formation of the team, there have been many obstacles that the team has to overcome. This includes the arduous journey to self-improvement in individual (in hope of contributing to the arsenal of the team) and boosting the teamwork among us as new players. The results over the past couple of years of MPOC have seen us climbing the ranking ladder. Occasionally, it was like the game Snake and Ladder; have a few unlucky dice throws and down the ladder we move, and, with some sharp dice throws, up the ladder we go again. But never reaching the podium. Just so near yet so far, especially this year. In this fourth leg of MPOC and still bull-dozing ahead with a never-give-up spirit, our battle cries at MPOC were finally heard. Red Sevens came in 2nd after a stretch of 18 games in 2 days. Sweet victory.

Red Sevens, led by Ben Seow aka “King”, had a good day on Day 1 of the competition though we did identify some areas to improve at the end of the day. There were 10 games to compete on Day 1 within a span of 6 hours. The even distribution of games helped every team to have maximum rest in between games and it was tough to play the teams. We met the likes of Johor Syndicate, Bellicose, PPS Syndrome, Eastsiderz and Oscar Legio X which were tough opponents and always gave our team a tough game. In most of the games, it was a joy playing them because the teams respected each other and respected the sport and the referees.

Red Sevens’ team line-up for this leg included Big Ben, Arthur, Jane, Gerald, Ivan and Paul who was playing with the team for the very first time. The back and mid lines were held mainly by Arthur, Big Ben and Jane who had been playing together for almost 3 years. The understanding among them, 3 out of any 5 players on the field, made the execution of the team plans smoother and greatly strengthen the back and mid lines. Gerald and Ivan were mainly the forwards in the team in this round with Big Ben as the insert player occasionally. Their wits, athletism and thirst to win their opponents in the games were strong. Gerald set a new record in the team by taking out 5 players in a game and giving the team a solid MP +3 and ED +4. Ivan had an impressively determined day although Ivan was struck a serious streak of bad luck. Besides having an unfortunate early exit in a game, an uneventful next game, a marker problem in the next one, and, the highlight of his bad streak of luck, he had an unlucky dive into the snake during which he broke a PMR frame, snapped the macroline, snubbed 4 inches of mud into the barrel, hit a huge tuft of grass which all in all, snapped his inner nail out of his wedding ring finger. The impressively determined part was that, while his fingernail was hanging from the blood dripping flesh, the game was still going on and he contributed by dragging the broken marker with him into snake 1 and moved to snake 2 and 3, and, kept bobbing his head up and down the snake which caught the full attention of the opposing back player, who got taken care of by Big Ben. Paul who joined us for the first time had a respectfully field day at the competition with his first experience with e-markers and stepping up to the pace of the game. Paul’s positive attitude in learning the game spiralled his game play upwards as he got personal guidance from Big Ben and Arthur, and, as he eased into the emarkers usage.

By the end of Day 1, Red Sevens was ranked 2nd in the qualifying round having lost 2 games to Oscar Legio X and Eastsiders. Knowing that the games were starting at 11am on Day 2, the team managed to get some decent rest and breakfast before heading off from the hotel to the field for the quarterfinals. Ivan was playing the second day with a Mentos-like 4th finger after visiting the clinic on Day 1 with such focus as though the painful “Mentos” was not there. The quarterfinals were competitive and tough to play, from which Red Sevens secured 2 wins to make it into the semi-finals. The opponent in the semi-finals was Bellicose which had a good winning record behind them. It was a tough first game which could have gone anybody’s way with Bellicose eventually taking the flag but not being able to hang it before 5 minutes were up. In the 2nd game, Red Sevens was one up in number as the back players laned out their forward and took the flag in about 3 minutes. Finally, Red Sevens had to take one more game against Bellicose, failing which, the team would have to enter a 1v1 situation with them. The final win in the 3rd game meant an entry into the Grand Finals ie. 1st/2nd Placing match where the team met Oscar Legio X. The teamwork and individual skills of the players in Oscar Legio X were impressive as they took the team out in both game 1 and game 2. The 2 consecutive losses automatically meant that Oscar Legio X would take the Champions place and Red Sevens the 1st Runner-up in MPOC 2009 Leg 4. With this position, Red Sevens recorded its first podium finish and achieved the mark of being the first Singapore paintball team to take the Silver Medal in Division 3 in a major Asia paintball league in Malaysia.


Words by ELLE