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     3 on 3 Werdnahol Cup 2007 Leg 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

In the humble beginning of the Red Sevens were 4 members participating in their first paintball tournament. Armed with big hearts to learn, open minds to think and pairs of clear eyes to observe, comes the birth of Singapore's first and only paintball team...Donning the reliable Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Smart No.4 pants (macham like going to war), they embarked on a journey of no return (referring to the Big Plunge as mentioned one of the Red Sevens article).

Along with the learning journey is the need to borrow harnesses and pods from neighbouring teams. For some, it was also the first time that they have actually seen a bunker. Equally amazing was the fact that they were sponsored $200 cash in their maiden tournament. Yes! Amazing but true...Sponsorship in their first tournament!!! Ask Team Dynasty if they were sponsored in their first tournament, the answer might be NO!

"All that glitters is not gold", it was soon when their feet were brought to earth again...the hard reality. The team lost all but the last match against a side that was hardly gear and equipped...learning point? We look better...

"Look good, feels good"

MPOC Leg 1 Team Roster

KING      (Back)
ELLE       (Right Back/Front)
JAY55     (Back)
CALGAR  (Front)

Red Sevens in 3 on 3 Werdnahol Cup 2007 Leg 1 with the media team.