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     Werdnahol Cup 2007, Leg 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

The Werdnahol Cup 2007 is a paintball tournament organized by Werd Events supported by Werdnahol Sportz. Adopting a similar format as the 3 on 3 street basketball, the tournament provides a good learning platform for fast offensive and defensive plays in a constricted playing field. Leg 2 of the Werdnahol Cup saw what was "Out of the Box" by the organizers when they introduced a diagonally designed playing field. The first of its kind for paintball tournament in the world, the field was set up as opposed to the standard frontal format. In what claims to be the "First in the World", the Werdnahol Cup 2007 is a "Rookie Friendly" tournament that is suitable for newbies of all ages and yet provides an excellent platform for serious paintballers to compete against some of the best in the paintball scene. (Attached below are layout of Werdnahol Cup, Leg 2. Resources from Demonz Forum). Singaporeans who are keen to find out more about this tournament can contact info@redsevenspaintball.com

In the quest of our first podium victory, the Red Sevens Team has learnt paintball the hard way. Heading into our 2nd 3 on 3 paintball competition, the Red Sevens is still picking up the ropes and learning the fundamentals to paintballing. All new teams learnt the hard way! We are no different... In Leg 2 of the Werdnahol Cup 2007, the Red Sevens Team registered a 14th spot out of 18 participating teams. Disappointing from results point view but certainly enriching from the learning perspectives. For example, look out for the @#%^ing flag!!! As listed is a collation of fundamental reviews from the team:

1) Never shoot your own team mate.
2) Don't assume that there is no flag on the opposing end. Keep your eyes open!
3) Keep your legs off the boundary line.
4) Stick to your individual roles and responsibilities. Don't KPO!
5) Always recover in time if you are sliding into a bunker. Else suffer brutal bunkering from the opponent.
6) Be wary of raging rookies with markers! They will come to you...just sit and wait.
7) Regardless of any situation, never take your eyes off your mirror opponent.
8) Always clarify when in doubt. And more importantly, be decisive and firm in your decision.
9) Communication, communication and communication.

Werdnahol Cup 2007 Leg 2 Team Roster

KING      (Back)
ELLE       (Front)
JAY55     (Back)
PADAM PELITA     (Front)
CALGAR  (Front)

Learn the hard way and not commit them again. As the saying goes "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank SLOW POKE and AH FAI for their guidance and support to the Singapore team. You guys rock!

Ben aka KING

Singapore's First and ONLY Paintball Team, Red Sevens in Werdnahol Cup 2007 Leg 2 in their DYE attire...hmmm....