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   Red Sevens in World Cup Asia 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...  

Red Sevens Participating and Supporting World Cup Asia for the third year running...  

World Cup Asia, the premier paintball event in Asia, took place once again in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Closely known as WCA to many, this event was the platform for all paintball teams from the countries in Asia and Pacific Rim to be competing. The event was held at the all-time familiar Xtion Paintball Park in Bukit Jalil which is the heart of the sports activities and where the Commonwealth Games were concentrated in when Malaysia were hosting the Games.

Red Sevens, participating in WCA for the third year, from Singapore, made their way from Singapore which is just down south of Malaysia to lend their support to the event. The local paintball field in Singapore, Red Dynasty Paintball Park, supported some of the local teams in preparation of WCA. Red Dynasty hosted the Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2009 Final Leg on 18 October 2009 which was timely for most Singapore teams with one month in between SPNS and WCA for players to recuperate and train further for WCA. From just one Singapore team, Red Sevens, participating in WCA 2007, there had been a whooping push and growth of paintball teams in Singapore statistically to 7 teams in WCA 2009. Teams from Singapore which participated in WCA 2009 were Red Sevens (Div3), Team Zoo (Div3), Damnation (Div3), Contract Killers (Div4), Red West (Div4), Team Karma (Div 4) and Seekers (Div 4).

In a bid to increase the referees pool and standard of refereeing in Asia, the organisers of WCA put together a course – Asia Referees Course, led by Mr Junaidi Kalil, Asia Head Ref, and Mr Ulrich Stahl, Millenium Head of Referees, and, supported by the Head Referees of other countries including Belgium, Tony from Australia and Java from United Kingdom. Mr Chuck Hendch was present to grace the event and lend his weight and support to the WCA organisers. The Asia Referee course was a very technical course which drilled the aspiring referees-to-be on the details of the rules and understanding of the rules. A practical session thereafter threw all the participants into the field to be grinded further by Mr Junaidi Kalil on the on-field applications of the earlier theory lessons.

The captains’ briefing ensued in auditorium of the official hotel, Palace of the Holden Horses, in the evening of 19 Nov 2009. The guest referees made the draw for each division’s teams on stage after Mr Junaidi gave a detailed run-through of the competition format for each division. Most teams made their way back to their rooms for an early night to get maximum rest or for a team meeting to analyse their opponents for the following day.

Red Sevens had an early morning competition on Friday with 6 games lined up on Day 1. Besides some hiccups on the electricity problem which had a slight impact on the air fills, the day started as per normal for us which included prepping of markers, ensuring chrono was within limits, warming up, team talk and so on. Red Sevens was Game No 2 on the fixtures which we won. The 2nd game was against SSC Killers from Kuching which we had not met before and lost from the strong laning and 1-for-1 for a shot on one of our players’ harness. Regrettably, we lost that game for the day and the only consolation was to win the rest of the games for the day. After the morning games, wash-up was done back at the hotel followed by a nice fulfilling dinner at A&W with 2 rounds of rootbeer floats at Mines Resort.

The 2nd day started for Red Sevens in the afternoon with some light drizzle and some rush to gear up as the morning game were finishing 2-3 hours earlier than scheduled. The afternoon games were pushed up before lunch break supposedly which left the team with 10 minutes for gearing up and setting up of the equipment as we heard the announcer calling for Red Sevens once we stepped foot onto the Dye booth at Xtion. Red Sevens clocked our fastest gearing up and made it to the field to report to the chronograph referee just in the nick of time for the match but only to find out that we were the only team there. Our opponents had not arrived yet due to the fast-forwarded schedule. After waiting around the chronograph station for about 20 minutes, the rush was “cancelled” when the announcers realised that hardly any teams scheduled for the afternoon games had arrived. Nevertheless, we were happy with the “cancellation” of the mad rush as we had more time to catch our breath from the dashing here and there. With this mad start, it seemed that the team did not settle down well as Red Sevens only won 2 out of the 4 games that we were scheduled for on Day 2. With 3 losses clocked across Day 1 and Day 2, Red Sevens were ranked third in the Qualifying Round for WCA which put us up against some very respectable Division 3 teams in Malaysia – Trinity, Oscar Legio X and Hoodlums on Sunday. Although Red Sevens took the first game against Trinity, we were not able to capture the rest of the other 2 games against Oscar Legio X and Hoodlums. Oscar Legio X, PPS Syndrome and Nitamago eventually were ranked 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the overall ranking in Division 3 for WCA 2009. Congratulations on the win to Oscar Legio X, PPS Syndrome and Nitamago! Congratulations also to SSC Killers for clinching the Champion position in Division 3!

Congratulations to Red West for putting up a strong fight and Contract Killers for clinching the 2nd position in Division 4 in WCA 2009. Appreciation also to Chee Yong, Keith, Nick and Kenny for crewing for our friends, Team Ku in Div 1. Big special thanks to Gerald and Ivan for the videos taken of us which we would be scouring over our mistakes to improve further. Congratulations to the first Singapore referee to ref in World Cup Asia – Mr Ivan Rickard Liow. Congratulations to the staff of Red Dynasty Paintball Park for attending the Asia Ref Course and certified as a Referee – Damian Li, Fadzri and Nadine. Special mention to Kiko for the excellent game play with The Real Pinoy in Division 1 (p.s. He loves his team!). A heartfelt appreciation for our supporters and sponsors namely, Red Dynasty Paintball Park, Paintballers World, Dye Precision, KCHL, Thorb and Furious. Thank you to Dye staff and their support. And definitely, the loudest Thank Yous to Paul Lam, Allan Phang, Simon, Junaidi and all the officials, referees, vendors, tech support booths, makan/minum stalls, hotel staff and event staff behind the scene who made this event possible for Asia.

Till next year...

Red Sevens (Singapore)
Line-up for WCA 2009 – Ben Seow (King), Arthur Chan (Seburo), Jane Koh (Elle), Paul Poh (Warlord), Xiao Yuan (Hiro), Fonjen (Kite), Arthur Chang (Spot)

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