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     World Cup Asia 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 6 Dec 2007  

Early Exit - Far too good...

Placing Singapore on the world map, Red Sevens travelled to Malaysia to participate in an international paintball event, World Cup Asia (WCA) 2007. This year's competition saw the largest turnout ever since the competition's conception, with more than 250 paintball players and more than 40 teams, there is no way Red Sevens would missed this opportunity. Paintball teams from Asia countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Iran, Guam flocked into the country for this prestigious event. Teams from Australia, United States, South Africa, France and Belgium were at the event as well.

It was certainly a rough and tough time for the Red Sevens team. However despite the poor showing, there were a lot of learning as well. Never once did we play under such an intense and tight schedule as the WCA 2007, 11 straight games with little or no rest. Rotational players policy were adopted in this tournament where every player is tasked to familiarize himself/herself to an allocated field. The setting up of the tournament arena with 3 fields namely DYE, DRAXUS and ECLIPSE also contributed to the consecutive play time. Half way into Day 1 of the tournament, Red Sevens chances of qualifying for the Final Day was hanging by a thread...

The grouping was good, we were grouped against our regular opponents such as GANG, CMX, etc. Looking back into our team history, we seemed to have grouped with them in every tournament that we have participated so far. A 2-1 winning record against CMX but a long way to go before we come on par with GANG. We could have secured some wins by outnumbering our opponents but situation changes fast in paintball, you can never predict the winner until the flag is captured. As this event is one of the "Visit Malaysia 2007" highlights, government officials were present to declare the opening of the WCA 2007. Representatives from the Malaysia Tourism Board and the State Government delivered their welcoming speech as players gathered together to make this sport a truly united one, one where barriers such as culture and language are taken away.

Will the Red Sevens be back for WCA 2008? You bet we will and this time, we will be more prepared. Besides, all that we need is to win 2 games...till then, its an honour to battle with the Red Sevens team. Where is the KAMIKAZE!!!

World Cup Asia 2007 Team Roster

KING      (Back)
ELLE       (Front)
SEBURO     (Back)
PADAM PELITA     (Front)
SHA with the "H"  (Back)
CALGAR  (Front)

* Thank you Raysonick and Mizura for the support!


Photos by Jane, Jerrica and Desmond