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   Dynasty and Infamous visits Singapore - 4 August 2008  

All-Star Paintballers in Singapore! > Fountain of Wealth > Koi Pond > Esplanade > Merlion > Bugis Street > Suntec City

When I was first approached by Davey Williamson on PbN to show them around Singapore, I was pretty stoked about the opportunity to get to show off my beautiful country to the Dynasty guys. In the beginning, he said it was just him "and a couple of other guys". During the NPPL Asian Invitationals, Noir, Arthur and I hooked up with the Dynasty guys and talked to them. And from just being 3 guys coming to visit, it ballooned into 7 guys coming to Singapore.

Our visitors from afar:

Dynasty: Yosh Rau, Ryan Greenspan, Davey Williamson, Eric and Fayne
Infamous: Shane and Glenn Takemoto

They had less than half a day in Singapore. After pickup at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, they were driven by my mom and King to Suntec City where we visited the Fountain of Wealth. They learnt about the Chinese Zodiac and had the opportunity to look at the fountain and touch the waters for good luck. After which, we headed to Pepper Lunch for... lunch. Why Pepper Lunch? Apparently Ryan had eaten Pepper Lunch in Tokyo - and he loved it. Upon seeing Pepper Lunch, he got all excited and insisted all the other guys should try it. After lunch, the guys headed over to the Koi Garden where they had a blast feeding the fish.

Moving on, we took a stroll to the Esplanade where Davey and Fayne took pictures. Along with everyone else, they breathed a sigh of relief once air-conditioning kicked in. Ryan snookered a Japanese-American lady that they were Olympic athletes. The guys also marveled
at the cleanliness of Singapore toilets and the fact that we had toilet paper for all cubicles. We then exited the Esplanade to see the Merlion. Some Japanese tourist took our picture - but chopped off the Merlion's head off.

Headed to Bugis for some street shopping. Shane had the best time there, spending lots on shirts and watches. The rest zero-ed in on groceries - Prickly Heat and Tiger Balm. Davey and Yosh started getting a little A-C in the privates with the Prickly. Not caught on camera boys and girls; so sorry.

Fayne disappeared on us for a bit - and then we headed to the DHL balloon where we were bloody pissed at the clear conditions that were said to be "unfit for ballooning" or something like that. We decided to go for the DuckTours but the timing was just too off. In the end, we ended up at Suntec City again; looking for foot massages and a toy shop.

We sampled local food before heading off to the airport again.

It was a great trip with our new friends and I really enjoyed hosting them. The Best Thing is - they wanna come back and
see more of Singapore with R7s as their guide.

Words by Ben Calgar

Team Dynasty and Team Infamous visits Singapore!