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   Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) 2008 - A New Begininng...  

Singapore's Inaugural Paintball Tournament - SPNS 2008

Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008, also known in short as SPNS, was held on 30th March 2008 for the first time in Singapore. On that bright Sunday morning, the first match kicked off with a short speech from the President of Paintball Association (Singapore). The much anticipated series was joined by 28 competition players who were certified by the Paintball Association (Singapore) (PBAS) in a paintball orientation course.

All interested players were required to attend the Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) course provided by PBAS. BTO is a 2-part course consisting of theory and practical components. Participants were subjected to a practical test which they have to pass to attain the BTO certification and a player identity tag. Only certified players had the passport to join a paintball tournament in Singapore.

Being a 3on3 tournament, each team size was capped at 5 persons including 2 reserves. There were 7 paintball teams participating in total and they are PSG Warfreaks, White Death, Death Mavericks, Wargh!Nuts, The A Team, Hot Fuzz and Red Lords. The teams with the longest history among them were the White Death and Death Mavericks teams which started in 2007. The spectators included more than a couple of dozens of family members cheering their brothers and sisters, and even fathers, on. There were also curious on-lookers who were stopped in their tracks by the action-packed games and were keen to find out more about playing paintball.

The teams battled on in the preliminary stages and the best teams emerged - PSG Warfreaks and Red Lords. PSG Warfreaks had a mini-cheering contingent which lined themselves on one side of the competition field while the Red Lords had their team banners flying and boosting their morale for the Grand Finals. In this Finals match, both teams took on an attacking approach in a bid to eliminate the other side, proving the truth of the old war saying – “Attack is the best defense.”. Eventually, Red Lords clinched the Champions title of Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008 Leg 1 with PSG Warfreaks putting up an incredible showing to clinch 1st Runner-up and Hot Fuzz winning the 3rd/4th placing game to win the bronze medals. As the Wargh!Nuts team aptly put it at the end of the competition, the most significant takeaway for most, if not, all teams, was the team bond that formed and the friendship fostered among all the paintballers regardless of teams.

In Jane Koh’s (President of Paintball Association of Singapore) closing statement for the competition, she expressed her appreciation to all sports volunteers and participants for their support, and, added that the key objective of this competition was achieved, that is – to raise the awareness of the sports of paintball and bring paintball to another level in Singapore.

For more information about the SPNS, please visit www.weplaypaintball.com/SPNS.html

SPNS Leg 1 Champion - Redlords
1st Runner Up - PSG Warfreakz
2nd Runner Up - Hot Fuzz

Photos by Tilt