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   Red Dynasty - Singapore's Biggest and Newest Paintball Park  

Revolutionizing Singapore Paintball

A new paintball arena has claimed its spot in the North of Singapore. Named the Red Dynasty Paintball Park, it is the biggest paintball arena to be set up in country, featuring 3 paintball fields. Spread over a land area of 3740sqm, it boasts an impressive set-up of 2 scenario fields, 1 target practice range and 1 speedball field. Already operational is a novice scenario field which caters to small groups of 4 - 8 participants. With the 2nd scenario field to be ready before February 2008, the Paintball Park can cater up to 20 players per game with 10 in each team.

A more exciting format of paintball known as speedball is hotly developed in Malaysia which boasts more than 200 paintball teams in the country. The more adventurous and adrenaline seeking crowd can eagerly anticipate the set up of the speedball field which is slated to be ready by first quarter of 2008. The speedball field is built to the international tournament format and boasts an impressive set up of more than 35 inflatable bunkers. Red Dynasty Paintball Park wishes to seek recognition from various stakeholders such as the Singapore Sports Council, the Paintball Association (Singapore) and the Paintball Asia League Series which organizes the annual World Cup Asia.

The scenario fields are designed for both novice and intermediate players. Basic paintball workshops will also be organized at the Red Dynasty Paintball Field for players of age 14 and above to learn more about paintball. Speedball, the more exciting variation of paintball, is being developed and pursued as a sport around the world. National sporting governing agencies form in various countries and come under the umbrella of the international paintball ruling body. Tournament speedball is being introduced for the first time in Singapore and is predicted to change and bring the level of the game in the local scene to another level even though it has been around for the last decade.

For more information, please visit the Red Dynasty Paintball Park’s website at www.weplaypaintball.com or email them at info@weplaypaintball.com


28 Mar 2010
Red Dynasty Paintball Park is launching its first car decal! Reserve one today by emailing info@weplaypaintball.com and shout out



Photos by Tilt