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     Desmond Foo, Singapore's First Paintball Photographer!  

A market in the making

Red Sevens spoke to Desmond Foo, Singapore's first paintball photographer. A photography expert in his field of events and cuisine, Resident Evil Chef's (which he is commonly known as in the paintball world) work of art is widely appreciated by many paintball enthusiasts in the region. His recent coverage of the Johor Bahru Paintball Fitness Challenge 2007 was given a 100% thumbs up by paintballers who all wanted a piece of themselves in action. Red Sevens catches up with Resident Evil Chef to find out more about his misadventures so far.

1) How did you get yourself involved in paintball and photography? Both requires shooting we all know...

I got involved in paintball thanks to SEBURO. He mentioned a few things about paintball; I started asking questions and next thing I knew I was on the field getting splattered. Photography was an interest since I was a student especially after watching "the killing fields" and being intrigued by the genre of photojournalism. When I first set foot into a paintball field and saw the game upfront I knew this would be a beautiful game to document.

2) How do you think media advertising can help in this sport?

Definitely!!  With paintball still in it's infancy in Singapore it needs the coverage to create awareness to bring it mainstream. Awareness, I guess that's the key word.

3) Do you even play this sport?

Of course! How can u try to document the sport when u don't even understand it. 

4) Unlike referees who get shot (part of their job)... have you been shot while taking photos in the field?

What do u think? It's all part and parcel of the game to get whacked at one time or other. I just choose not to take it personally. Sometimes the teams mistake me for an opponent and next thing I know Iím getting rained on by paintballs. What can I do? Just turn my back and take it, then slowly stand up and walk away.

5) Other than paintball photos, do you take other photos from specific areas?

I actually specialize in food and restaurant photography. I also do events, PR and products.  And now, PAINTBALL!!!!

6) In your perspective, how is paintball photography different from sports photography? Do you even consider yourself as crazy to enter the field.

ou have to be crazy to enter the field!!! Most photographers I know (pros and hobbyist, especially hobbyist) will not subject their equipment to the kind of punishment from shooting paintball. Paintball photography is very dynamic and you have to be on your toes at all times. Besides, there's hardly a safe media area for you to hide in and you have to be careful with your movements in the field otherwise teams may accuse you of leading or exposing their positions on the playing field. 

7) Can others engage your photography services? I like some of these photos, can I purchased them?

Most certainly! Paintball photography is exhausting on equipment. My wear and tear rate just went over the roof. Any income I earn will probably go back into equipment so that I can continue shooing the sport.

8) Lastly, give me 3 words about your passion for paintball photography.

3 words..... "something worth shooting"

Thanks Desmond!