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     Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) 2007, Leg 2, Independence Cup 2007, KL, Malaysia  

Participating in our first ever international tournament, PALS Independence Cup 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, the Red Sevens registered a 8th position ranking during the preliminary round and was only eliminated in the 2nd round of the tournament. Grouped with "old timer" teams such as IMMORTALZ, CMX, GANG, KILLER STINGERZ, MONKEY BONE MISFIT, TORNADO ANGELS and the overall Division 3 Champion ZEALOUS, the path to qualify was an uphill task.

Also, featured for the first time in Red Sevens and playing in their first 5 man tournament were Aaron from Team Heatwave, Louis - a promising rookie in paintball and Desmond - a renowned paintball photographer in Singapore and Malaysia. A good experience it might have been for our newly paintball-inducted rookies but certainly also a "missing hole" experience for the oldies as some of our regulars such as Shah and SLOWPOKE were unable to join us.

As the saying goes..."Yet another misadventure of the Red Sevens...". Well, it all started when there was no bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur when we were in Larkin and we had to wait for 5 hours before we finally boarded the coach! What came after that was the lack of sleep and rest. Upon reaching Sungei Besi, the bus broke down. Yes! And our misadventure continued!

With the lack of sleep, an empty stomach and a stench of overnight McDonalds in our breath, the Red Sevens went on to play and compete once we reached Bukit Jalil! Losing our first game to GANG, it was time to reconcile our objective: To play and to win or to play and be enriched with daunting "experiences". To win, of course! Just as we were about to go on to the field to compete in our 2nd game, our misadventure struck again... A leaking ION! Yes! and Yes! What did I say, our misadventure continued!

And there was Shah! "Thou shall not win but play with grace", he said. Supported by his mechanical Spyder, it was indeed playing with grace, definitely not as destructive as an ION but good enough to make some kills. Thanks bro...

Our new timers had their fair share of fun too! Desmond went on to build his every own "Paintball Photos .Com Fan Club" and was shooting away! Not pellets but photos! 7 GB! Hmmmm... Louis was too excited in the build up of the game and tore his pants in the process. He swore that it would never happen again as he bought a new Proto pants to replace his torn pants. A brand new start indeed. As Shah says "Thou shall not play with torn pants ever again!" Aaron, being a MONKEY in nature, was caught for a 1 for 1 in his first 5 man tournament. He was gracious to lend his Cyborg to his band of brothers "Thou shall lend to show that you are not stingy"... He went on to offer his house for lodging. A good Samaritan indeed.

Looking forward...We will be conducting more games for Singaporeans across the causeway and hoping for a new born Singapore paintball team soon.

"Thou shall rest and get ready for the 5 Man Asia World Cup"

For pictures of the PALS series

PALS Leg 2 Team Roster

KING      (Back Center)
ELLE       (Back)
SEBURO     (Back)
PADAM PELITA     (Front)
BAD MONKEY   (Front)

Red Sevens in Independence Cup 2007. Photo taken during game breakout by Desmond Foo.