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   Paintball United Paintball Challenge 2008 - Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson  

Winning is sweet!

Winning is sweet! Very sweet! The long journey down the North South Highway was indeed worth it. 22 hours without sleep...and a paintball medal at the end of the day is sweeter than anything else. Yes, we won it! Not first, not second but third. Our first paintball medal. As SEBURO puts it "the last time I won a medal was when I was 10 years old", this medal is certainly and achievement for us since our interception. Port Dickson Paintball United Challenge 2008...

The last time when we were there, we did not participate in the tournament but was there to lend a presence of support to the organizers. But this year, we were determined to make the trip. The objective was to have fun...and that was what we tasted: FUN!

F - First paintball medal (hopefully more to come)
U - United we stand (all regular members of the Red Sevens were there...)
N - Novice feeling...

I bet if we were at Port Dickson last year, we would have been trashed, humiliated, bashed...That's the Novice feeling that I am referring to. To play and be expose to more paintball games, I urged people to join us in our adventure up North. True...I will take a while for you to be familiarized with the paintball culture...but hey, winning is sweet. Remember?

Back to the games...the mechanical marker division was more of a 60% scenario players and 40% speedballers. While having said that, scenario players were no push-overs. They displayed excellent communication on the ground and was able to understand the fundamental of suppressive fire. Most of the games are won by players making spectacular bunkering moves before they hit the last guy, who was usually at the last bunker holding the fort.

One of the interesting thing about the tourney was the introduction of the 4th player, who will come running out of the bunker on the 10th seconds of the game. Interesting enough...I am sure thoughts of shooting the player on the 10th was on every teams' mind.

The conclusion of the game was the usual X-FOX winning the Open Division and our "most encountered" GANG winning the Mechnical Marker Division. Congratulations to both team.

Yes, and Red Sevens got third!!! Good on you mate!!!


Photos by Jane's lousy handphone camera