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   Paintball Awareness Outreach, NUS Sports Bazaar, National University of Singapore - 22 August 2008  

Bringing paintball to the community!

Red Dynasty Paintball Park was invited to National University of Singapore (NUS) Sports Bazaar 2008 for a paintball awareness outreach for its students and staff. The annual Sports Bazaar is organized by the NUS Sports Club to allow the NUS community to know more about paintball in particular speedball. With support from the Paintball Association Singapore paintball markers were used as static display during the outreach. Swamps of people visited the paintball booth to find out more about the game. With the help of several members of the Red Fraction Team and the NUS Paintball Interest Group, the outreach was a success with an estimated 500 visitors.

Some excerpts from the outreach:

Q: "What are you guys selling?"
A: "Nothing, we are hear to let people know about the game"

Q: "Do you have discount coupons?"
A: "No...we are not selling anything or giving away anything...Just information about paintball"

Q: "How can I buy one of those (pointing to a paintball marker)?
A: "You can't its restricted in Singapore, there is no individual ownership here"

Q: "Show me how to aim"
A: "There is no aiming in paintball"

Q: "Who are you people?"
A: "We are paintball enthusiasts, who like people to take up the sport, just like we do"

O\Our paintball ambassador, Ben Calgar is the "self-proclaimed" President of the NUS Paintball Club