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    No Mercy Paintball Challenge, Octville Golf and Country Club, Johor Bahru, Malaysia  

Making waves in the Northern and Southern part of Malaysia, Red Sevens was participating in 2 tournaments over the same weekend, the former in Penang and the latter in Johor Bahru. In the No Mercy Paintball Challenge which was led by CALGAR (our 3 on 3 paintball expert) and two new players KEV and LUCKY, Red Sevens took part in a tournament comprising of 24 teams. The Red Sevens junior managed to clinich a top 8 ranking by qualifying for the Quarter Finals.

The team managed to pull off great performances in their qualifying games against Team 69ers, Vendetta Alpha, Lost Boys and Maybank Invaders. The Red Sevens utilized a reverse V formation with two fronts pushing up the left and right flanks with a back man spotting for them. This strategy led to much success. The team garnered a total of 291 points to come in 2nd placing in their group to qualify for the next round.

During the Quarter Finals against team 300, the Red Sevens tried a new strategy of going strong on the snake side, but unfortunately, due to inexperience, lost the first game. In the following game, the team went back to basics of crossing lanes and forced a tie, creating a hope in the running for the Semi Finals. However, in the final round of the Quarter Finals the team ran out of pellets and eventually lost.

No Mercy 3 on 3 Paintball Challenge Team Roster

LUCKY     (Back)
CALGAR   (Front)
KEV         (Front)