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     Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit MPOC (Leg 5), Johor, Malaysia, 10 Nov 2007  

And so we thought...

So close and yet so far"...that's how I would describe the final leg of the MPOC 2007. "So close" simply because this is the closest paintball tournament we can ever have in terms of proximity (just 5 mins away from the Causeway) and "so far" because we have once again missed out on a semi final placing. "So close" because we are 1 pellet short of qualifying and "so far" because we might never have a MPOC leg in Singapore. In our last MPOC appearance, Red Sevens posted a 2nd round spot with a 12th placing position in the 1st round.

Day 0 - It all begun with a sumptuous dinner at The ZON, a first in MPOC history (hopefully this is the benchmark for future legs). Sharks fins soup, sea bass, gigantic prawns, roast chicken...you name it, they have it. Fully supported by the Johor government and the Tourism Board, the dinner was a spectacular night with lots of singing and dancing. And guess what, the invited VIP was a princess from the royal blood line. YES! That's how serious paintball is in Malaysia. Sob sob...just one day...hmmm.

Day 1 - As usual, Red Sevens crossed the Causeway with their misadventures and into the competition. And we wondered what it might be...and soon it hit us. We went on a 5 games losing streak. Broken paints, hissing markers, merry-go-round (Sha will care to share), hit on the break, etc. We soon realized that something was sorely missed. PADAM PELITA! The day ended with 1 win, 1 walkover game and 6 loses. Our worst performance since participating in a 5 man tournament. With one game more to go on the next day, our qualification chance was hanging by a thread...

Day 2 - Wish and you shall be rewarded. PADAM! From a 5 hours train ride, PADAM was the first to arrive the field. Deep inside, we hoped for a turnaround. We started day 2 with a win over Lost Boys, and posted a 12th position among 20 teams. Not bad...certainly not bad...

In the 2nd round, we were grouped with S2K (JB), Mryamidons (Terengganu) and Silvia Pink Mini Bus (KL). In summary, won the first 2, lost the last one. Didn't eliminate enough opponents and a draw surface. Ever watch cowboy movies where 2 cowboys will come back to back with one another and shoot at each other after 10 counts? The fastest draw, they called. In paintball, we have this too. Except that they have to play the draw face to face. PADAM got a splat on his hopper and the rest is history. History indeed...As this is also the first time that we have won 2 straight games in the 2nd round. To add icing to the cake, we have supporters from the Singapore Sports Council, Ivan and his dad, Ben's GIRL friend and our newly recruited hush puppies undies with a teacher with "pop in" boobs, Jerrica Tan.

We enjoyed ourselves very much and hope that it will not be long when the "Little Red Dot" organizes its first real paintball tourney.

See you at the World Cup Asia 2007...

MPOC Leg 5 Team Roster

KING      (Back/Front)
ELLE       (Front)
SEBURO     (Back)
PADAM PELITA     (Front)
SHA with the "H"  (Back)
CALGAR  (Front)


Photos by Jane, Jerrica and Desmond