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   Red Sevens Paintball (Singapore) Comes in 2nd for MPOC 2010 Leg 3 !!!  

Silverware for Red Sevens at MPOC...

12-13 June 2010 - Red Sevens made it to the podium clinching a 2nd position in MPOC 2010 Leg 3. It would be the 2nd consecutive leg that Red Sevens had made it to the podium in MPOC. This leg of MPOC coincidentally would be the last leg for the year that MPOC would be organised at Bukit Jalil Stadium which had been the home ground for MPOC for the past few years and where Red Sevens had been competing in since 2007, not missing a single leg of the MPOC. Having started in MPOC Division 3 with mechanical markers till today's progress with e-markers in Division 2, Red Sevens have many people who have sincerely rendered assistance and guidance to the team to thank. You know who you are!! And the team still has many things to learn from you and is looking forward to improving ourselves always! Arigato!!

Before ending off, the team shall also be missing our snake-player, Ivan Rickard Liow for the many tournaments to come in the next few years. Ivan will be furthering his studies in Canada for the next 2 years at least (I guess depending on how good his results are! Haha!). We, in Singapore, wish him all the best in his studies and of course, good luck in trying out for a semi-pro team in Canada! To Ivan, don't just study, play paintball and think of Exkay every night!!!


Photo Time!!!
Liquidsnake's girlfriend...

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Sweet sweet silver medal

Furious Powercells gave Hiro the extra fury to his Dye NT and Dye Rotor to clinch his silverware!

Red Sevens is happy to clinch the 2nd placing for MPOC 2010 Leg 3. The team congratulates all winning teams across all divisions in MPOC and is looking forward to the next competition.