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     MPOC 2007, Leg 3, Penang Cup 2007, Penang, Malaysia  

The Red Sevens Team continued to improve by posting an amazing top 6 finishing in the Qualifying Round of the Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) Leg 3, Penang Cup 2007. With 27 participating teams in the Amateur/Novice Category, the Red Sevens was again drawn to face the 2 formidable Promedia Immortalz teams, Vis Unita and Fortier. Both teams were the Champion and Runner-Up of MPOC Legs 1 and 2 respectively. Participating in their 2nd 5-Men Tournament, the Red Sevens displayed confidence on the field and was rewarded by a commending 6th position during the qualifying rounds. Grouped with teams such as Shimigami, Red Knights, K'bad, Wild Wild Six, KTM Rangers, Initz Red, Promedia Immortalz Unita and Promedia Immortalz Fortier, the Red Sevens was recorded 8 wins and 2 loses.

With an accumulated 24 points and 24 Elimination Difference (ED), Red Sevens were grouped to face Promedia Immortalz Vis Unita (ranked 1st), Gang (ranked 7th) and Tornado Angels (ranked 12th) in the Quarter Finals. With a 0-2 record against the Promedia Immortalz Vis Unita, Red Sevens decided to adopt a heavy lanning strategy to secure the snake position. However, due to the inability to remain compact, team captain KING was eliminated early in the game. With a weak back fire support, it was only a matter of time that the team structure began to collapse.

In the match against the Tornado Angels, Red Sevens managed to bounce back to recapture the flag. Though claiming a convincing win, ELLE was caught in a "1 for 1" situation after an appeal by the Angels. What claims to be an innocent play as the paints were caught on her harness without her knowing, the Red Sevens displayed good sportsmanship by not appealing for the "1 for 1" call even though it was addressed after the game.

In a do or die match against the Gang, Red Sevens realized that they could be one step away from making history by qualifying for the Semi Finals. PADAM PELITA was caught out early in the snake, SEBURO and ELLE soon followed suit. Gang triumphed over Red Sevens with 3 remaining players. Luck was not on Red Sevens's side...

A tournament filled with controversies of players caught "dancing" on the field, teams walking away from the tournament to team withdrawal from the MPOC, the Penang Cup is certainly a good opportunity for the Red Sevens to live together, to eat together and of course...how can we forget the eat together. Hospitality was shown by our Northern neighbours and friendships established.

An excellent tournament indeed...

"COCKY or not? You decide..."

Red Sevens was featured in Malaysia STAR newspaper. More details

MPOC Leg 3 Team Roster

KING      (Back)
ELLE       (Front)
SEBURO     (Back)
PADAM PELITA     (Front)
SHAH (guest player from Team Infinity) (Back)

Red Sevens in Penang Cup 2007 with guest star appearance SHAH (top right corner) from Team Infinity.