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     Command and Conquer, Asia Largest Jungle Paintball Event, Malaysia  

Watched the movie Spartans? 300 strong men fighting against the mighty forces of evil... A Hollywood movie it may be but in reality, it did happened. In the 1st Series of Command and Conquer Scenario Paintball, which is regarded as the largest jungle paintball event held in Asia saw more than 300 paintball enthusiasts gathered together in Kuala Lumpur. Held in Isi Rimba with an area size of more than 5 football fields, paintballers gathered as early as 7.30 am all dressed in camouflage uniforms, all ever ready to set foot into the jungle with a new paintball experience. Divided into 2 sides by the name of Yellow Army and Red Army, paintballers were given coloured armbands to differentiate themselves from one another. Armed with walkie talkies, helmets, smoke grenades and camouflage scarves, velour paintballers entered the jungle into an unfamiliar ground...

As the first and only paintball team in Singapore, there was NO WAY Red Sevens will miss this event...Led by General CALGAR, the Red Sevens with 4 members from the WARGH gang (a laser wargaming group in Singapore) made the trip across the causeway. Joining the team is DOYOK from Infinity and a gang of ex-Neighbours Pulse forming a mini platoon under the Red Army. The battle was officially declared at about 10.30 am led by appointed generals, lieutenants, sergeants and squad leaders who are all differentiated by the number of colour armbands they had on their arms. Moving and working in small squads the Red Sevens and WARGH parted ways to seek out enemies from the Yellow Army. Movement along the thick vegetation was by no means an easy task, troopers were deployed along main junctions and high ground awaiting for the right moment for an ambush.

By lunch time...Red Army were overran by 50%, leaving a small squad to defend their ground. By then, the mission was leaft simple with few choices...DEFENCE or KAMIKAZE! The WARGH group was deployed upfront near to be border as observation post with task of stirring chaos as enemy approaches. The retrograde movement was proven useful with primary objective of playing the waiting game for Yellow enemies to enter the killing zone.

However, due to strategic positioning and the lack of troopers, the Red Army soon became part the history in Asia's Largest Jungle Paintball event.

The overall experience was indeed refreshing and a totally different perspective from the paintball that we usually play.

*By the way....General CALGAR is actually our reliable gunner, medic, red riding hood...the man who make all this possible. KUDOS!

Red Sevens in Command and Conquer Series with guest star team WARGH!