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     Johor Bahru Fitness Paintball Challenge, Malaysa, 28-29 July 2007  

A first ever 5-men paintball tournament was held in Johor on 28 July 2007. Red Sevens, Singapore first competitive paintball team, participated in this tournament in support of our Johorean paintballers and, of course, the proximity from Singapore was the 2nd major plus point. Travelling into Johor in the early morning was a breeze for the team without all the traffic jams on the causeway. Reaching the field in good time for the competition, the team was able to set up for the games with proper warm-up and team talk. The paintball tournament started at about 8.30am, playing on 2 fields at a time.

Red Sevens' first game was against SPY, an effective and coordinated paintball team, which we found out the hard way, through our loss in our first game of the day. The fixture was put some respectable teams up against Red Sevens such as Shogun and No Mercy, just to name a couple of tough opponents. Red Sevens managed to recover from the loss of the first game and won the subsequent games in the preliminary round. At the end of the preliminary round for the firt day, it was a great delight to the team to find out that Red Sevens was FIRST - TOP OF THE TABLE! This puts us in the 2nd round in Day 2 of the tournament.

Starting the 2nd day afresh and full of energy, the team looked forward to playing against the best teams in the tournament in the 2nd round of the competition. All 16 remaining teams were split into 4 groups of 4 teams where each team will play all within the group. We won all 3 games in the 2nd round to create a record for ourselves and make it an 11-game winning streak for the team. The top 8 teams emerged and each team had to win a best-of-3 game to make it to the semi-finals. Alas, we were placed to play against SPY to whom we lost 2 consecutive games that led to our elimination from the race for the trophy.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience for the team as we were ranked first of the tournament in the premliminary rounds. To top it off, an 11-game winning streak brought the team morale to a peak. With every tournament, the Red Sevens is determined to train harder and do even better.

Quote from Arthur:
"It rained on both days so Azlan, Ben and Jane had a lot of mud all over them- it was messy and wet and every time you dumped an empty pod it was going to get wet.

Preparation by everyone in the team was professional and meticulous which is good - we walked the field talked about game plans and angles and did a good job- esp without a field plan on paper.

We also had a great crew in Desmond who managed the team table- pods and pellets and getting us all cleaned up and prepped for the next game. His took many photos and unfortunately, his filter broke when he got shot while taking photos."

JBFPC 2007 Team Roster

KING      (Back)
ELLE       (Front)
SEBURO     (Mid/Back)
PADAM PELITA     (Front)
SHAH (guest player from Team Infinity) (Mid/Back)

Red Sevens and paintball buddy teams in Johor Bahru Fitness Paintball Challenge 2007
Photos by Desmond Foo (www.the-third-eye.com)