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An abstract from the December 06 issue of the FACEFULL magazine (a popular paintball magazine in the US) stated that Singapore among countries like Malaysia and South Korea have plenty of paintball fields, shops and domestic leagues...Well, I am not so sure about that...

Unlike our neighbours in the North which commands (by estimation) more than 5 established paintball tournaments, more than 20 paintball fields, more than 200 paintball teams and up to 3000 paintball players, we are lacking in support in many ways. And yes, we do have limited land in Singapore. But surely, there is room for one more?

Being the first competitive paintball team in Singapore, the Red Sevens would like to see the Singapore paintball scene develop into the equivalent of what our Malaysia friends have done. Yes, we do need more support from the various agencies. And you be part of this emerging trend by helping us to help you. We will be keen to discuss with anyone or any organization with the intend to develop paintball in Singapore. Just email us at info@redsevenspaintball.com

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Ben aka KING

The Red Sevens Paintball Team

Red Sevens with Taiwan Team Shocker and Malaysia Team Bandits in Hybrid Paintball Clinic 07 in Malaysia. Among those in the photograph are professional paintball players such as Todd Martinez from Team Dynasty and Nicky Cuba from Sacramento XSV.