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     Red Sevens Featured in FACEFULL, May 2007  

Red Sevens was mentioned in FACEFULL May 2007 issue. The article which is written by Raja aka DA BOSS which indicated the participation of the Red Sevens in the Hybrid Paintball Clinic 2007. This clinic was held in Tactical Action in Astaka Field. KING, our Red Sevens team captain was also interviewed during the clinic and asked about the development of paintball in Singapore and Asia. The Red Sevens salute all parties who make this feature possible as FACEFULL is a highly distributed international magazine in the world.

Excerpt of the interview:

How long have you been playing paintball?

I have been playing for one year.

How did you get hooked?

I was while I was studying in Australia and someone gave me a paintball game coupon, I decided to just try it for fun and got instantly hooked.

Why did you decide to join this clinic?

I was looking for the basic and fundamentals of the sport, by learning and understanding it. I will use the knowledge that I have learnt to help and develop the paintball scene in Singapore.

What drills did you enjoy doing most?

I love doing the break out drills, looks simple but there is more to it. Crucial drill, it determines your game plan.

What did you think of the clinic overall?

I loved it, it was good that we were able to learn the basics and the experience...the be around to spend a weekend with the pros is really fantastic.