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   Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) 2008, Leg 3, Singapore, 12 October 2008  

Goodbye 2008...Hello 2009!

We have concluded the Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008. It was all fun.

The Overall Champion went to PSG Warfreakz, having participated in all 3 legs, 2 podium finish and accumulating enough points to pit everyone else, see them sitting comfortably at the top. Congratulation guys! You have made history. First champion of the SPNS!

Also, it was good to see the rise of another paintball team, Team Carnage which is led by Thomas Lee, the nominated MVP for Leg 2. Carnage has always been a formidable team, good in paintball fundamentals and obviously young and fast enough to make the dives and get into bunkers quickly. They have recruited a guest player, Sean from Death Maverick for this leg. I must say this is a good decision. Sean was playing paintball way before anyone else, before Thomas, before White Death was even formed, before there was Red Dynasty. I remember him wanting to play almost every weekend when he first hooked to the game. Young, humble, skillful... I would like to see how this young man can spur on the development of paintball in Singapore.

Little mentioned was this Leg's MVP, Faris who plays for Team R.A.G. Fine young body builder who just picked up paintball 3 weeks ago and there he was, recognized by the paintball community as the most valuable player for Leg 3. Fair enough... the other day, I was training Contract Killer on snapshooting and asked him to join us. This kid was amazingly accurate. While he still need some improvements on his stance. This guy is a natural...good on you mate! I could see the disappointment on his eyes when his team didn't make the cut to the 2nd round but there are so much potential.

We didn't get much media coverage for leg 3.

Kudos to redsports.sg for seeing the potential in paintball. I was actually quite disappointed that we only have a listing on TNP and nothing else. I was thinking maybe this time there are more things that could be newsworthy...but it doesn't seem like it. Never mind, we will continue to work hard to dispel your misconception about paintball.

I have heard this so many times, "Oh....paintball is not a sport" yah right! Next year, it will be in the World Games. If its not a sport, what about cup stacking? ballroom dancing? Anything can be a sport. Walking can be a sport. Just come and look at the intensity of how the game is being played. It is DEFINITELY, 100% NO DOUBT a sport. We have marshals, rules, fixtures, wins and losses...so how is it not a sport? I am confuse...all we need is a chance. So let us have it! A fair one please! So will it be a sport if we have a PALS Singapore next year? maybe, perhaps...

Anyway...here's to the paintball community in Singapore! We look forward to seeing all of you again for "SPNS 2009: Close to Heart"

Words by Ben King. Photos will be uploaded soon.